Russell Sergent – Common Baking Mistakes To Avoid

When he is not busy with his work as a business owner, or with his training for the many endurance races that he takes part in, Russell Sergent likes to bake as often as he can. Baking is a wonderful activity because it can be done by anybody, assuming you put the time and effort into learning how to do it. However, novices often find that they struggle at first, often because they make the following key mistakes.

Checking The Oven
Once you have placed whatever you are baking into the oven you need to trust it to do its job. Your role is to keep an eye on the time so you remove the item when it has been baked. Many novices make the mistake of constantly opening the oven to check what they are baking, which releases the heat out and leads to uneven baking.

Not Following Recipes
While you are encouraged to experiment a little with your baking, it is still important that you follow recipes to the letter when you start out so you can learn the basics and start creating some tasty baked goods. Being off with your measurements, even by a little bit, can completely change the complexion of the dish.

Not Being Familiar With The Oven
Every oven has its own quirks that you need to be familiar with. For example, you need to recognize that fan-assisted ovens will need to be used at a lower heat than regular ones. Gain familiarity with your oven so you don’t end up baking for too much, or too little, time.

Russell Sergent is a business owner and baking enthusiast.


Russell Sergent – Advice For Preparing For A Half-Marathon

Russell Sergent is a passionate runner. “Since 2007 I’ve run nineteen full marathons and countless half-marathons,” he says. For many, the half-marathon is useful challenge that can help them get ready for even longer distances in the future. It is crucial to prepare for the experience properly so keep these tips in mind to ensure you are ready on race day.

Russell Sergent

Build A Weekly Mileage Base

Ideally you will need to get yourself to a weekly mileage base where you can comfortably cover between fifteen and twenty miles per week before you can start focusing on proper preparation for a half-marathon. Remember that you will need to ask your body to adjust to new training demands during your preparation, so don’t put yourself in a position where you need to build a base simultaneously.

Quality Over Quantity

Getting more miles under your belt is always important, but you need to be careful about stretching your body too far and burning out. This may lead to injury, which compromises your ability to prepare for the event. Instead, focus on quality over quantity in your runs. Set yourself goals and work hard to achieve them, while also giving your body the time it needs to recover.

Research The Race

Try to get a good idea of the layout of the race as early on as possible. Look for sections that will be particularly challenging and consider training on the course to acclimate yourself to it. It is also beneficial to understand where refreshments will be made available so you can regulate your intake.

Russell Sergent is an experienced half-marathon runner.

Russell Sergent – Race Day Tips For Ironman

Russell Sergent has always had a passion for running, which led him to take part in his first marathon in 2007. A year later he completed his first Ironman distance triathlon, covering 140.6 miles in the process, and has since gone on to complete four more, all of which he completed in less than 12.5 hours. While your preparation for Ironman races is crucial, there are also a number of issues that you will need to deal with on the day of the race itself. The following are all useful tips for ensuring you are ready for what you will face when the race starts.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Get Fueled

Make sure you enjoy a nutritious breakfast that includes everything your body will need to withstand the rigors of such a long race. Avoid foods that may lead to you feeling bloated during the race and make sure that everything you consume has something valuable to offer. A poor dietary plan will leave your body feeling unprepared for the race, so take the time to construct a plan and follow it on the day of the race.

Pace Yourself

You may head into the triathlon with a full head of steam, but this enthusiasm can cause issues later on in the race. Many who are new to ironman races make the mistake of burning themselves out by trying to be as fast as possible on the biking sections, which results in them not being able to maintain a consistent pace during the marathon portion. Understand your body’s limits and don’t try to exceed them. Instead, create a plan of action for the entire race and run through it in your head during the race itself so you don’t push yourself too far too early.

Be Careful With Food During The Race

You will need to refuel at various points during the race to ensure your body has what it needs to compete, however, you need to be careful of eating too much. This is a common issue when exiting the water and heading into the biking section of the Ironman race, as many look to refuel quickly once they are on their bikes. Remember that you don’t need to replace all of the calories that you burn during the race, so create a race day nutritional plan that will ensure your body gets what it needs, when it needs it.

Have Fun

Nerves can have a disastrous effect on your performance. To counteract this, remember that you are taking part in the race to have fun and push yourself to your limits. Don’t worry about what other racers are doing and focus on your own performance.

Russell Sergent is an experienced Ironman triathlon competitor who has completed a number of races.

Russell Sergent – Tips For Preparing For A Marathon

Russell Sergent is an experienced runner who has completed nineteen marathons since running his first in 2007. In order to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, for a marathon it is important that you start your training early and dedicate yourself to it so you can withstand the rigors of the challenges you will face. For those who are new to marathons, this can often be a daunting task. With that in mind, these pointers should prove useful for those who want to make the most out of their preparation time.

Russell Sergent

Start A Log

A comprehensive log is essential to your training as it will allow you to track your progress and work out areas where you need to improve. Actually being able to run the distance should be your first priority, so use your log to keep track of your personal best distances until you get to a point where you can run the length of a marathon consistently. It also helps to keep track of your daily mileage and run times so you can notice when you aren’t performing to your best.

Take Rest Days

A lot of new marathon runners feel like they need to train every day to prepare themselves. While regular training is certainly important, you will only burn your body out if you don’t rest every so often. Try to build at least one rest day into your schedule, to give your muscles the chance to recover, and take it a little easier sometimes so you still maintain your fitness without pushing your body to its limits.

Get Good Shoes

It’s a simple tip but you will be happy you followed it come race day. Invest in a comfortable pair of running shoes that are also sturdy enough to withstand the demands of repeated long-distance runs. A poor pair of shoes will derail your efforts quickly when running a marathon.

Gradually Increase Your Weekly Mileage

If you are new to running marathons it can be tempting to feel like you should be able to run long distances as quickly as possible. This leads to burn out and can even result in injury. Instead, figure out your current limits when it comes to weekly mileage and then look to gradually improve that figure over time. A good baseline to aim for is a ten percent improvement for each week, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always achieve it.

Eat Well

The food you put into your body is just as important as your physical training. If you eat poorly you will be susceptible to the effects of fatigue and won’t perform to the highest level. Create a nutritional plan and stick to it to ensure your body has the fuel it needs.

Russell Sergent is an experienced marathon runner.

Russell Sergent on Why You Should Become an Animal Shelter Volunteer

Russell Sergent loves animals and often helps various organizations both in person, and through his bank account. The efforts of animal advocates are paying off, as more and more people realize the importance of animal adoption. The “adopt don’t buy” mentality is more and more popular amongst animal lovers, and volunteers are a very big part of that. In addition to making adopting animals more popular, there are other advantages to volunteering in an animal shelter.

Russell Sergent

You Can Meet New Friends

One of the most important parts of the human experience is meeting new people. An animal shelter – where you will be bound to run into people who will share at least one interest with you – is an excellent place to do that.

You Can Make a Direct Impact

Sending money to a shelter is great, in fact it’s often more impactful than spending a couple of hours there. These organizations are often funded almost entirely through the donations of their members, which makes this matter extremely important. With that said, being physically present has its own advantages, too. It’s well-known that people tend to adopt animals that look and feel healthy, and are socially adaptable. If you work at a shelter, you can influence these factors at a tremendous level.

You Can Impact Your Own Health as Well

There are studies that suggest that helping out others, and being close to animals are both excellent for your health. At a shelter, you can combine these two.

As a person who regularly helps animal shelters and adopted numerous four-legged friends during the process, Russell Sergent hopes that people will become more conscious about the trials and tribulations that these animals have to go through.



Russell Sergent – Recycling Basics

As a person who wants to reduce his carbon footprint as much as possible, Russell Sergent is always interested in green solutions. Recycling is a huge part of that, as the process has many elements that benefit the environment.

Russell Sergent

Recycling Benefits

When you throw out your garbage, you add to the never-ending cycle of waste production that fills up landfills and creates ammunition for incinerators, which in turn create highly toxic gas. Many people don’t realize this, but randomly throwing garbage into the tin is not much different than pouring it onto the streets. It looks better, but from an environmental standpoint it is pretty much the same thing.

Recycling lessens the negative impact on the environment because it reduces the waste directly sent to landfills. This starts a positive chain reaction. Because of the reduced waste there is less pollution and greenhouse gases. This means that the method helps maintaining the environment for future generations.

The Process

The process has three main phases, and you are only responsible for the first one – the proper sorting of your waste. We are talking about four major product types, newspapers and paper towels, containers made out of different materials (usually aluminum, plastic and glass), steel cans and miscellaneous plastic objects, like detergent bottles. Once your trash has been collected, it will be processed, which will result in the creation of new products.

As an athlete who is very conscious about his close environment, Russell Sergent always recycles his waste and makes sure that it is carefully separated.



Russell Sergent – The Qualities That Make Quiznos Special

Russell Sergent is a professional triathlete and successful entrepreneur who is the owner of three businesses including a Quiznos in Rockford, IL. He has been in the food industry for 15 years now, and as a result, he developed a base of knowledge that allows him to understand Quiznos’ business philosophy to its full extent.

Russell Sergent

The Key Ingredient for Success

The Quizno brand started out its success story more than 30 years ago in Denver. Their business philosophy was built on a premise that should be obvious in the food industry, but it isn’t. They wanted to create products that tasted great, using only the highest quality of ingredients. If we think about certain fast food giants, we instantly realize that success in the food industry does not necessarily require that. In fact, for decades, the opposite seemed to be true. In that sense, Quizno was always a little ahead of others, and as it turns out, they were absolutely right. It took society a couple of decades to realize that they don’t have to be content with eating tasty, but ultimately unhealthy food items with mystery ingredients in them.

The Quality of the Ingredients

When it comes to a restaurant, these days the quality of the food ingredients is quite likely the number one deciding factor that determines the financial success – or lack thereof – of the establishment in question. At Quiznos, they don’t use mystery ingredients that make the food tasty while reducing its nutritional qualities. They create the flavor by combining fresh, top notch components.

Ethically-Sourced Food

There are clear trends in the food industry that are not likely to go away anytime soon. One of these trends is the increasing demand for quality and ethical solutions. This created a new line of small businesses that remolded the shape of the industry itself. Those who are willing to change their ways and improve the quality of their ingredients can stay alive, but those who are stubborn enough not to join this revolution will probably be left behind. The reason why Quiznos was ahead of its time from the very beginning, was their willingness to use quality ingredients. Their code of conduct was built on the use of ethically-sourced food while complying with all laws and regulations.

A Risky Business Policy That Paid Out

Quizno’s business policy was extremely bold and risky. They have built a food franchise on the premise that offering competitive prices while using the highest quality ingredients is possible. The company legitimized the idea of healthy fast food, and that is why they are still successful.

Russell Sergent has been running the Rockford Quiznos in the past 15 years, and he hopes that the restaurant can still reach new heights.