Russell Sergent – Tips for Safe Snowmobile Riding

Snowmobile enthusiast and Pro-Source Xtreme owner/operator Russell Sergent knows a thing or two about snowmobiling safety, having enjoyed the opportunity to hit the trails and explore the many snowmobile-friendly areas throughout the region for over two decades. An experienced rider, Sergent is always careful to make sure both he and the people he rides with are adhering to and engaging in safe snowmobiling behavior; something he believes is absolutely essential to an enjoyable ride.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Below, Russell Sergent looks to share several basics of safe snowmobile riding, an effort to help every rider experience a better, safer and more enjoyable ride each and every time.

Two Hand Control

It’s important, says Rusty Sergent, for riders to always be in a position where they can control their machine should the throttle ever stick. Every time the machine is about to be started, one hand should always be on the handlebar so as to keep solid control over the machine’s direction, should anything go awry during the starting process.

Riding Style

Though riding styles can vary, including sitting, standing, kneeling and semi-kneeling, says Russell Sergent, it’s important to remember to keep your center of gravity as low as possible, which makes it far less likely you will fall off should you hit or run over something unexpected. Feet should always face forward, and should remain flat on the machine’s running boards, throughout the course of a ride. It is also recommended to remain sitting if you’re traveling at higher speeds, which helps to prevent falling off.


Russell Sergent – Running is Life

Running a full marathon can seem like a daunting challenge for anyone, even those with years of professional running and marathon experience. Experienced runner Russell Sergent the significant physical, mental and emotional challenge of running a professional marathon, though he also appreciates the considerable reward a runner can experience by finishing what is one of the biggest competitive tests in all of sports.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

To date, Russell Sergent has completed 19 full marathons, not to mention numerous ½ marathons, and has successfully completed four Iron man triathlon competitions. Sergent relishes the opportunity to compete, and to run, in what many consider to be one of the biggest athletic challenges in the world, and continues to chase after his passion for running with an unrelenting and unwavering enthusiasm. His goal has never necessarily been to one-up his fellow competitors, but rather to set his own personal goals and to push far beyond his own performance expectations.

Russell Sergent, a business owner and entrepreneur, has never been one to back down from a challenge, and has always sought out ways to push the boundaries of what his own body and mind were capable of. Both marathons and triathlons provide Sergent a unique opportunity to challenge his own expectations, and limitations, within what are perhaps the most grueling tests of athletic endurance on planet Earth. For Sergent, running is life, a way to find out what he is capable of, and to push far beyond even his own limitations. He continues to seek out marathon-running opportunities throughout the country.

Russell Sergent – Janitorial Supplies Professional

Russell Sergent founded Pro-Source Distributors, Inc., a leading source of janitorial and paper supplies, over 20 years ago, and continues to offer businesses throughout both Illinois and Wisconsin the best in prompt service and environmentally-friendly products. Both Sergent and Pro-Source Distributors have become synonymous with exceptional service, high-quality products and unbeatable value.

Russell Sergent built his company on the cultivation of relationships, those that have helped Pro-Source not only keep their prices low, and to bring companies the cleaning products they need without the need for a middle man. Pro-Source Distributors has built relationships with numerous cleaning and janitorial manufacturers so as to provide their clients the best quality products quickly and at the most competitive prices possible.

Russell Sergent cares about saving his clients money, and about providing prompt, next-day service to customers throughout the region. Through fast service and competitive, factory-direct pricing, both Sergent and Pro-Source Distributors afford clients the opportunity to operate at minimum inventory levels, which saves each company they serve even more money than they ever thought possible.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Pro-Source Distributors, Inc. is a small business with a very low overhead, which allows them to save their clients a minimum of 20% on their cleaning, paper and janitorial supplies. Every product they offer is environmentally-friendly, and is delivered to the client in a 24 hour turnaround time, helping businesses not only save money, but to also be the best that they can be. Rusty Sergent and the Pro-Source team care about providing every client the value, service and high-quality janitorial products that they deserve, each and every time.