Russell Sergent – Running is Life

Running a full marathon can seem like a daunting challenge for anyone, even those with years of professional running and marathon experience. Experienced runner Russell Sergent the significant physical, mental and emotional challenge of running a professional marathon, though he also appreciates the considerable reward a runner can experience by finishing what is one of the biggest competitive tests in all of sports.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

To date, Russell Sergent has completed 19 full marathons, not to mention numerous ½ marathons, and has successfully completed four Iron man triathlon competitions. Sergent relishes the opportunity to compete, and to run, in what many consider to be one of the biggest athletic challenges in the world, and continues to chase after his passion for running with an unrelenting and unwavering enthusiasm. His goal has never necessarily been to one-up his fellow competitors, but rather to set his own personal goals and to push far beyond his own performance expectations.

Russell Sergent, a business owner and entrepreneur, has never been one to back down from a challenge, and has always sought out ways to push the boundaries of what his own body and mind were capable of. Both marathons and triathlons provide Sergent a unique opportunity to challenge his own expectations, and limitations, within what are perhaps the most grueling tests of athletic endurance on planet Earth. For Sergent, running is life, a way to find out what he is capable of, and to push far beyond even his own limitations. He continues to seek out marathon-running opportunities throughout the country.