Russell Sergent – Tips for Safe Snowmobile Riding

Snowmobile enthusiast and Pro-Source Xtreme owner/operator Russell Sergent knows a thing or two about snowmobiling safety, having enjoyed the opportunity to hit the trails and explore the many snowmobile-friendly areas throughout the region for over two decades. An experienced rider, Sergent is always careful to make sure both he and the people he rides with are adhering to and engaging in safe snowmobiling behavior; something he believes is absolutely essential to an enjoyable ride.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Below, Russell Sergent looks to share several basics of safe snowmobile riding, an effort to help every rider experience a better, safer and more enjoyable ride each and every time.

Two Hand Control

It’s important, says Rusty Sergent, for riders to always be in a position where they can control their machine should the throttle ever stick. Every time the machine is about to be started, one hand should always be on the handlebar so as to keep solid control over the machine’s direction, should anything go awry during the starting process.

Riding Style

Though riding styles can vary, including sitting, standing, kneeling and semi-kneeling, says Russell Sergent, it’s important to remember to keep your center of gravity as low as possible, which makes it far less likely you will fall off should you hit or run over something unexpected. Feet should always face forward, and should remain flat on the machine’s running boards, throughout the course of a ride. It is also recommended to remain sitting if you’re traveling at higher speeds, which helps to prevent falling off.