Russell Sergent – Pushing Past Limits

Russell Sergent has committed himself to a life full of ambition. Once he achieves a goal, he is immediately looking for a new project to deepen his understanding of his clients, his role as a thought leader in his community, and his own professional and personal benchmarks. Russell has never been known as one to sit still for more than five minutes, and he can often be seen helping a friend while managing the day-to-day duties of his numerous businesses.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent’s hallmark traits are his humility and warmth in both his personal and professional encounters. He fully believes in uplifting each client he meets, and it is from this angle and spirit that he approaches business. He constantly pushes himself to think of new ways to create a safe work environment that functions from a deep source of trust. You can bet that this is what he spends his free moments working toward. Functioning from this understanding is proven by the number of successful years his businesses have enjoyed.

His personal life reflects his professional aspirations. An avid runner, Russell completes all of his half marathons, full marathons, and triathlons in record time. And beyond that, Russell is a passionate advocate for helping others become enthusiastic runners. After moving to Milwaukee to be closer to Fleet Feet Sports, a business he had had opened in Brookfield, Wisconsin, he was able to create the perfect symbiosis between work, play, and advocacy. In managing the rest of his companies in Rockford, Illinois, he thrives. While maintaining all of his daily duties, you can be certain that he is already thinking of the next big thing and how he can help the next person he meets.