Russell Sergent – Promoting Healthier Meals

As a proud owner and operator of a local Quizno’s restaurant in Rockford, Illinois, Russell Sergent has been providing quality healthful meals to Rockford customers and beyond for over 15 years. As you will see at any of his local businesses, it is of the utmost importance that each and every employee and customer is treated as a family member, with warmth, trust, and a nod toward working together in the future. Keeping this in mind, Russell knows that it is incredibly important to meet the needs of everyone he encounters to ensure that they will be able to achieve their goals and aspirations. In many cases, this begins with what’s on your plate.

As a professional runner and triathlete, Russell knows the importance of fueling up with the healthiest foods for that next big run. Quizno’s provides an “Under 500” menu that specifically provides proper nutrition in under 500 calories. In addition, Quizno’s takes food allergies into account in a safe manner, eliminating cross-contamination, to ensure the highest standards of food safety. Russell’s ability to create both a healthful and memorable dining experience for all patrons is a tremendously important role as a leader and a community member in the city of Rockford. This commitment to the community and high-quality service is apparent the moment you step in through the front door.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Though he is a leading business provider in the area, Russell confides that launching the Rockford Quizno’s location was a different sort of challenge than his other businesses have proven to be, though he took the challenge with grace and ran with it. Russell Sergent also owns and manages Pro-Source Distributors Inc. and Pro-Source Xtreme in the Rockford area.