Russell Sergent – Tips For Training For A Triathlon

Russell Sergent knows a thing or two about training for a triathlon. He has participated in many over the years and he is also a triathlon coach. He knows that training for a triathlon isn’t easy, but something that must be done if you want to be successful. If you are thinking about participating in a triathlon, consider these tips to help you train for it.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Eat Right

When you are training for a triathlon, you will be burning a lot of calories and using a lot of energy. You need to replenish your body with nutrients and that means eating a well-balanced diet. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well to avoid dehydration.


Make sure you give your body time to rest and recover while training. You need to rest in order for your muscles to rebuild and for your body to recovery from the training.


You need to stay focused when training for a triathlon. Training can be hard and you may get tired and burnt out at times. Staying focused will also keep you motivated and make it more likely for you to complete your training.

Participating in a triathlon is a great way to stay in shape and stay fit. If you are going to become as successful at running triathlons as Russell Sergent, you need to make sure you are training properly.