Russell Sergent – The Importance of Customer Service

For Russell Sergent, customer service is an investment in the future. In order to establish a regular client base and consistent customer flow, a company has to be known for providing the best service to all clients who may want its services. Sergent runs Pro-Source Distributors, a janitorial supply company working with over 500 companies in Illinois and Wisconsin. Sergent can help so many regular clients because they all know Pro-Source Distributors can back up their products with excellent customer service.
Customer service for these clients is about more than being nice on the phone, it’s about trust and confidence in the products Pro-Source sells.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent invested early in coaching proper customer service protocol when he founded Pro-Source Distributors over 20 years ago. At the time, Pro-Source Distributors had only a few local clients and it wasn’t well-known at all. Sergent trained his workers to not only speak kindly to customers and work with them through any issues with their products, he empowered them to create solutions for clients on an individual basis. When Pro-Source Distributors began, Sergent lost money on some individual client accounts because of the deals he empowered his staff to give to some of them, but in the long-run, he knew that a reputation for working with clients on an individual level was far more valuable.

Russell Sergent has always seen his company’s relationships with each of its individual clients as more important than any one deal with each client. He has long empowered his employees at Pro-Source Distributors to help clients get the best deals they can on supplies, even if they have to take a short-term hit to keep them working with the company. Sergent and his staff work hard to keep clients loyal to doing business with Pro-Source Distributors however they can. To them, gaining a client’s loyalty and trust is more important than any individual deal or order.

The commitment to customer service that Russell Sergent employed at Pro-Source Distributors helped the company develop a sparkling reputation in the community as one that cares about its clients and is willing to work with them to keep their business. Sergent and his company have helped many janitorial companies throughout the Midwest satisfy their own clients and solidify their own relationships.

This way, Pro-Source Distributors can continue to bring in new customers while reliably helping their loyal roster as well. Empowerment, courtesy, and trust go a long way in building the internal structure of a company that will last for years. These qualities also help customers feel comfortable with a company’s service and develop relationships with clients that are fruitful for all sides. Sergent has established a profitable company built on its reputation for excellent products and customer service.