Russell Sergent – Common Baking Mistakes To Avoid

When he is not busy with his work as a business owner, or with his training for the many endurance races that he takes part in, Russell Sergent likes to bake as often as he can. Baking is a wonderful activity because it can be done by anybody, assuming you put the time and effort into learning how to do it. However, novices often find that they struggle at first, often because they make the following key mistakes.

Checking The Oven
Once you have placed whatever you are baking into the oven you need to trust it to do its job. Your role is to keep an eye on the time so you remove the item when it has been baked. Many novices make the mistake of constantly opening the oven to check what they are baking, which releases the heat out and leads to uneven baking.

Not Following Recipes
While you are encouraged to experiment a little with your baking, it is still important that you follow recipes to the letter when you start out so you can learn the basics and start creating some tasty baked goods. Being off with your measurements, even by a little bit, can completely change the complexion of the dish.

Not Being Familiar With The Oven
Every oven has its own quirks that you need to be familiar with. For example, you need to recognize that fan-assisted ovens will need to be used at a lower heat than regular ones. Gain familiarity with your oven so you don’t end up baking for too much, or too little, time.

Russell Sergent is a business owner and baking enthusiast.