Russell Sergent – Tips For Preparing For A Marathon

Russell Sergent is an experienced runner who has completed nineteen marathons since running his first in 2007. In order to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, for a marathon it is important that you start your training early and dedicate yourself to it so you can withstand the rigors of the challenges you will face. For those who are new to marathons, this can often be a daunting task. With that in mind, these pointers should prove useful for those who want to make the most out of their preparation time.

Russell Sergent

Start A Log

A comprehensive log is essential to your training as it will allow you to track your progress and work out areas where you need to improve. Actually being able to run the distance should be your first priority, so use your log to keep track of your personal best distances until you get to a point where you can run the length of a marathon consistently. It also helps to keep track of your daily mileage and run times so you can notice when you aren’t performing to your best.

Take Rest Days

A lot of new marathon runners feel like they need to train every day to prepare themselves. While regular training is certainly important, you will only burn your body out if you don’t rest every so often. Try to build at least one rest day into your schedule, to give your muscles the chance to recover, and take it a little easier sometimes so you still maintain your fitness without pushing your body to its limits.

Get Good Shoes

It’s a simple tip but you will be happy you followed it come race day. Invest in a comfortable pair of running shoes that are also sturdy enough to withstand the demands of repeated long-distance runs. A poor pair of shoes will derail your efforts quickly when running a marathon.

Gradually Increase Your Weekly Mileage

If you are new to running marathons it can be tempting to feel like you should be able to run long distances as quickly as possible. This leads to burn out and can even result in injury. Instead, figure out your current limits when it comes to weekly mileage and then look to gradually improve that figure over time. A good baseline to aim for is a ten percent improvement for each week, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always achieve it.

Eat Well

The food you put into your body is just as important as your physical training. If you eat poorly you will be susceptible to the effects of fatigue and won’t perform to the highest level. Create a nutritional plan and stick to it to ensure your body has the fuel it needs.

Russell Sergent is an experienced marathon runner.


Russell Sergent – The Qualities That Make Quiznos Special

Russell Sergent is a professional triathlete and successful entrepreneur who is the owner of three businesses including a Quiznos in Rockford, IL. He has been in the food industry for 15 years now, and as a result, he developed a base of knowledge that allows him to understand Quiznos’ business philosophy to its full extent.

Russell Sergent

The Key Ingredient for Success

The Quizno brand started out its success story more than 30 years ago in Denver. Their business philosophy was built on a premise that should be obvious in the food industry, but it isn’t. They wanted to create products that tasted great, using only the highest quality of ingredients. If we think about certain fast food giants, we instantly realize that success in the food industry does not necessarily require that. In fact, for decades, the opposite seemed to be true. In that sense, Quizno was always a little ahead of others, and as it turns out, they were absolutely right. It took society a couple of decades to realize that they don’t have to be content with eating tasty, but ultimately unhealthy food items with mystery ingredients in them.

The Quality of the Ingredients

When it comes to a restaurant, these days the quality of the food ingredients is quite likely the number one deciding factor that determines the financial success – or lack thereof – of the establishment in question. At Quiznos, they don’t use mystery ingredients that make the food tasty while reducing its nutritional qualities. They create the flavor by combining fresh, top notch components.

Ethically-Sourced Food

There are clear trends in the food industry that are not likely to go away anytime soon. One of these trends is the increasing demand for quality and ethical solutions. This created a new line of small businesses that remolded the shape of the industry itself. Those who are willing to change their ways and improve the quality of their ingredients can stay alive, but those who are stubborn enough not to join this revolution will probably be left behind. The reason why Quiznos was ahead of its time from the very beginning, was their willingness to use quality ingredients. Their code of conduct was built on the use of ethically-sourced food while complying with all laws and regulations.

A Risky Business Policy That Paid Out

Quizno’s business policy was extremely bold and risky. They have built a food franchise on the premise that offering competitive prices while using the highest quality ingredients is possible. The company legitimized the idea of healthy fast food, and that is why they are still successful.

Russell Sergent has been running the Rockford Quiznos in the past 15 years, and he hopes that the restaurant can still reach new heights.


Russell Sergent – Founder of Fleet Feet Sports

Russell Sergent is the founder of Fleet Feet Sports, a running and athletic gear supply company based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Sergent grew up in Rockford, Illinois, graduated from Rockford High School in 1988, and founded his first business in 1995. The business, which he still operates, is Pro-Source Distributors, supplying janitorial supplies to over 500 companies in the area. Sergent founded Fleet Feet Sports in 2008 in Brookfield. The company has continued to help people get the right gear for all of their personal distance running and athletic goals because of its focus on the total experience for all of its customers.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent founded Fleet Feet Sports because he found himself enamored with distance running. He participated in his first marathon, the PF Chang’s Rock N Roll Marathon, in Arizona in 2007 and found he couldn’t replicate the feeling of endorphins running through his bloodstream any other way. Russell Sergent had found one his favorite relaxing activities. He founded Fleet Feet Sports because he thought that he could help his community get the best equipment and apparel around at optimal prices. He learned everything there was to learn about distance running gear and used that knowledge to help his employees educated customers on how to get the best gear for their personal needs. Today, Fleet Feet Sports helps many people on an individual basis get the support they need to avoid injury and run to their goals.

Russell Sergent participated in his fist Iron Man triathlon in 2008 and hasn’t looked back.

Russell Sergent – Three Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Russell Sergent has been a successful businessman near his hometown community of Rockford, Illinois for over 20 years. He has made plenty of mistakes over the years, but he has also learned from most of them and now knows how to avoid them in the future. Sergent started with a janitorial supply company called Pro-Source Distributors and now owns several businesses in the area more focused on his personal interests, such as distance running, snowmobiling, and more. He has been able to chase his dreams by avoiding disaster and moving on from his mistakes. Here are a few common mistakes he has made in his early business career that many young entrepreneurs still make:

Russell Sergent

  • Analysis paralysis. Russell Sergent has always been a careful businessman, but early in his career, he was too careful. Sometimes, crunching the numbers endlessly only leads to inaction, which can be the kiss of death for many businesses. Sometimes, you’ll never know how a particular move will pan out until you set it in motion. Running a business involves risk. No amount of analysis will prevent that.
  • Forgetting about feedback. Russell Sergent would have been completely lost without client feedback early in his first business venture. Always test your ideas before rolling out a new feature, product, service, or marketing effort with a focus group of some kind.
  • Slouching on networking efforts. If you only try to network with people when you need something, you’ll find yourself alone and out of luck. Take advantage of every opportunity to network with others who could potentially help you in the future.

Russell Sergent lives and works in Rockford, Illinois.

Russell Sergent – Creating Confidence in your Brand

Russell Sergent wanted to create early confidence in his brand, Pro-Source Distributors, so that he could get the funding he needed to start the business and create success. Business is all about confidence—customer confidence, brand confidence, investor confidence, and more. Sergent knew that in order to get started, he needed to instill confidence in others. Sergent has founded several companies since he started Pro-Source Distributors, a janitorial supply company serving over 400 companies in Illinois and Wisconsin. For all of them, he built his own confidence first in his brand so that he could create confidence in other people who would help him along the way.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent knew that you can’t just wake up one morning and tell yourself that you’re confident in the project you’re starting, or yourself for that matter. You have to have the pride in your work and your efforts to work hard on creating a business plan that will be successful in the long and the short term. Russell Sergent started by putting in the time to adequately plan for success. He started with a business idea that he felt he could market to investors and eventually to clients. Before he made any moves to secure funding for his first business, Pro-Source Distributors, he sat down and worked out all of the major questions surrounding his business: how would it compete in the market it’s entering? Who will be its main customers? Who is its target audience? How will he and his business reach this audience? Once he had a solid foundation by answering these questions deliberately and carefully, Russell Sergent started to gain confidence in the brand he started to build and himself.

Russell Sergent found that the seeds of confidence were within himself. He had to put forth the effort to know the ins and outs of how he will overcome obstacles and found a successful business that will be successful for decades to come. Pro-Source Distributors has become a trusted name for janitorial companies throughout the area when they need supplies to please their own clients. Over time, Sergent’s confidence in his brand caused him to take measures to protect it as much as possible. He protects his brand and his company by insulating it with the best professionals he could find and by training all of them in excellent customer service practices. With excellently trained and empowered customer service representatives working with clients to ensure their continued loyalty, Sergent’s confidence in his brand only grows.

Russell Sergent, with his confidence in his company and all who work for it, found clients who wanted to be a part of his vision for success and the future. Throughout this customer base, the confidence that Sergent started to exude passed to the clients, business partners, and employees Sergent worked with every day to establish Pro-Source Distributors as a regional front-runner in janitorial supplies.

Russell Sergent – Tips For Running Your First 5K

If you have been training for your 5K, when it comes time to run in the event, there can be a lot of things going through your mind. You may feel nervous, scared and excited. Russell Sergent knows that all of these feelings are normal and has experienced them himself. Here are some tips for running your first 5K.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Take Your Mark

When you line up, look for people who are also running in their first 5K. These people may keep a similar pace and you may be able to motivate each other throughout the race. Don’t be afraid to make friends.

Keep a Steady Pace

Instead of starting out strong and crashing and burning in the end, it is important to keep a steady pace. Don’t push yourself too hard or you may be too tired to finish the race. Take your time and focus on finishing.

Have Fun

If you don’t enjoy running your first 5K you aren’t likely to do another one. It’s okay to be competitive, but make sure you are having fun and enjoying the experience.

Russell Sergent has ran in many 5K and triathlons and knows what it takes to prepare for a run. If you are getting ready to run in your first 5K or any race, be sure to consider the above tips.

Russell Sergent – Finding A Triathlon Near You

If you enjoy running like Russell Sergent and want to do it competitively, you may want to consider entering triathlons. Before you think there aren’t any near you, take the time to do your research and see what is available. Here are some tips for finding a triathlon in your area.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent

Search Online

You can use the Internet to find anything, even triathlon races near you. Just doing a simple search with your favorite search engine to find what you need. Visit the website or use the contact information to get the time and date and registration deadlines for the events you want to attend.

Check with Local School

Many school, especially colleges host or are away of triathlons and other athletic events in your area. Call the sport administration office or simply look on campus for bulletin boards that may offer fliers. You can also contact track coaches.

Join a Mailing List

Once you have participated in your first triathlon, sign up for a mailing list. This will likely get your name on more running mailing lists and allow you to receive information in the mail on upcoming events in your area.

You may not have many triathlons in your area, but you can count on there being one nearby. Russell Sergent participates in as many triathlons as he can and tried to find them close to his home.