Russell Sergent – Advice For Preparing For A Half-Marathon

Russell Sergent is a passionate runner. “Since 2007 I’ve run nineteen full marathons and countless half-marathons,” he says. For many, the half-marathon is useful challenge that can help them get ready for even longer distances in the future. It is crucial to prepare for the experience properly so keep these tips in mind to ensure you are ready on race day.

Russell Sergent

Build A Weekly Mileage Base

Ideally you will need to get yourself to a weekly mileage base where you can comfortably cover between fifteen and twenty miles per week before you can start focusing on proper preparation for a half-marathon. Remember that you will need to ask your body to adjust to new training demands during your preparation, so don’t put yourself in a position where you need to build a base simultaneously.

Quality Over Quantity

Getting more miles under your belt is always important, but you need to be careful about stretching your body too far and burning out. This may lead to injury, which compromises your ability to prepare for the event. Instead, focus on quality over quantity in your runs. Set yourself goals and work hard to achieve them, while also giving your body the time it needs to recover.

Research The Race

Try to get a good idea of the layout of the race as early on as possible. Look for sections that will be particularly challenging and consider training on the course to acclimate yourself to it. It is also beneficial to understand where refreshments will be made available so you can regulate your intake.

Russell Sergent is an experienced half-marathon runner.